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Full Version: Newpoints 1.9.9 Help
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I install Newpoints 1.9.9 but it's didn't work properly. Because my forum members didn't receive any point(s) for their posts. Please help me ???
First I uninstall and reinstall the plugin but the problem is not solve. Then I re-upload all the files but the problem is not solve.
...Please help me ???
Forum url :
Did you setup any forum rules? Are you running the latest MyBB version? (1.6.13?)
I didn't setup any forum rules and I am running the latest MyBB version 1.6.13
Did you setup the income settings properly?
Yes I setup the income settings properly.
Income rate list :
New Post $0.001FFUC
New Thread $0.003FFUC
New Poll $0.003FFUC
Per Character $0.000FFUC
Minimum Characters 25 Chars
New Registration $0.050FFUC
Per Poll Vote $0.000FFUC
Per Reply $0.000FFUC
Per PM Sent $0.000FFUC
Per Rate $0.000FFUC
Per Page View $0.000FFUC
Per Visit $0.000FFUC
Per Referral $0.050FFUC
AFAIK the maximum number of decimal points allowed is 2.