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Full Version: Paid Plugins?
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How often are paid plugins released?

I mean is there are estimated date of any new ones to be released?
I don't plan to release paid plugins anytime soon. Our paid plugins are plugins which allow the user or admin to generate income (e.g. MyDownloads supports PayPal, MySubscriptions, Donation Bar, Purchase Credits).
MyAchievements was made Paid because in the past it was available for sale on a MyBB Shop but that website was closed and I moved it here and wouldn't be fair those who had purchased it, to see the plugin available for free - so I granted them a free subscription for a year and made the plugin paid.
I know requesting a plugin costs money, but would it cost money for premium subscribers?
Requests are free, but I don't have time to create free requests. If you're looking to get an exclusive plugin then yes, it will cost you money - it's in no way related to the subscriber status.