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Full Version: Ad maxium number of items to show for each line at the postbit
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When I have more than four items showed on postbit they are shown in the out of the profile table.
I wish they were divided and separated into a new line. So that, every three new items display a new line of items ...

An other explanation:

Now I have:
[Item 1] [Item 2] [Item 3] || [Item 4] [Item 5]

And I want:
[Item 1] [Item 2] [Item 3] ||
[Item 4] [Item 5] ||
That is not possible to do, sorry.
Some people has done it... I will continue asking then.

Of course people can do it, but it's not possible without modifying the code.
That is what I want... ┬┐Can you bring me support with it?
Sorry but no, I don't have time to personalize everyone's plugins.
OK. Thanks.

You can close =D