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Full Version: plugin Shop 1.7
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How to add icons for sale?
What do I put there?
Put the relative path (from your forum's root) to the image. E.g. images/icon.png
ok, and how to add items to the category?
ACP -> NewPoints -> Shop -> Select a category and add items
(03-21-2014, 07:59 AM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: [ -> ]ACP -> NewPoints -> Shop -> Select a category and add items

Otra pregunta! ¿como hago la lista mas larga de los items?
es decir, que se vean mas items en la pagina "tienda", que aparezcan unos 5 o 6 y luego si ver los demás bajando la barra que señalo en las imágenes.

another question!

How to make it look longer list items? which look more items in the shop home page
sorry for my English, I leave a better image explained

[Image: 2prwbwo.jpg]

[Image: 2ce6vqe.jpg]

[Image: 1wv4k.jpg]
Do you want to remove the bars?
No, osea que en la lista se vean 5 items y ahi si bajar la barra, que la lista se vea mas larga.
por ejemplo hay 8 items, y que en la lista se vean 5 y los 2 restantes se vean bajando la barra

No, I mean that in the list 5 items there if you look and lower the bar, the list look longer.
for example there are 8 items, and look at the list and the remaining 2 May look down the bar
You want to increase the height each box?