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Full Version: "This file cannot be accessed directly."
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Hey there guys, I've just installed the NewPoints system, well I've tested it however this is the error, when I press 'Donate' it comes up with "This file cannot be accessed directly." on a plain blank page.. As far as I can see the error is to do with newpoints.php, however that is in place (public_html)

(If you want to see it live then go to:

So can anyone figure out the issue here?
You didn't upload the right /newpoints.php file
Then which ones the right one -.- Because I defo have the right one.
If you upload the contents of the Upload folder accordingly, you won't get this error. You uploaded inc/plugins/newpoints.php to the top folder which is not right.
Yep. You was correct, thanks for the help man Big Grin
You're welcome, I'm glad it's been sorted out.