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I had a quick question regarding paid subscriptions. I wasn't able to find the answer in any of the TOS pages, so I figured I'd ask here.

Anyway, on the paid subscription, would I be allowed to install any of the plugins over more than one forum? I currently have two forums, so it would be convenient to be able to install the same plugins over both of them. Would separate subscriptions be required, or would I be allowed to do that on the same subscription?



This end users licence agreement grants you the following rights:
a) Installation and Use: You may install PRODUCTS on any domain and server that you own.
b) Modification: You may modify, in whole or part, PRODUCTS without ZLight Software's permission.
c) Redistribution and Reproduction: You may not reproduce and/or distribute, in whole or part, any copies of PRODUCTS without expressly written permission from ZLight Software.

If you stick to rules above, I think you're allowed to install plugin on few boards. But let's be sure and wait for Pirata to confirm this.
Yes, as long as it's your forum.
Awesome, I'll be sure to purchase a subscription soon then.

Not sure if I should be the one emphasizing this but, if you sell/transfer your forum over to someone who is not a subscriber to this community you must remove the installed ("premium") plugins from that forum unless said new owner acquires such subscription.
^Yes, that is correct. Though of course, it's almost impossible to me, to find out whether or not people actually comply with's very easy to sell a board with all my plugins (and even charge for them as some people do! - which is totally against the licence) and therefore re-distributing them under an invalid licence.

That's why I put a restriction for support to subscribers only. The new owner requires a subscription to ask for support or update to newer versions. That is also why I created MyUpdates as well.