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Full Version: Credits To Unlock Content
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I was wondering if there is/someone could make a plugin for the NewPoints system where you would wrap a certain block of content in a post wit ha certain MyCode and it would cost the user x amount of points to uncover the content that has been hidden.
Basically Pay to View?
Essentially, but I was thinking more of a spin on the "Hide Content" tags where you would have to reply to the thread to see a certain piece of content.

For example:

[hide]Content Here.[/hide]

Would display "This content is hidden. You will need to pay 'x' credits to view. Click here to pay."

Once paid they will be able to see the content. Hopefully I was more clear. xD
Isn't that "Pay to View"? I could have it done by tomorrow. Also, it is not possible to detect invidual tags. That is, if a user pays for a post, then all hidden tags in that post will be displayed.
If each post has a unique id it should be possible. Also I do not have money to pay for the plugin right now, it's more of an idea or suggestion if someone wants to pick it up.
All right then. If you want me to code it for you, please post in Custom Plugins.
Would be cool if you stop stealing my ideas. Smile
I'm not trying to be rude or anything but a lot of people had this idea before :p