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Full Version: Shop Observations
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Figured I'd go ahead and post this here. These are a couple observations I have made while using the shop that seem to be a bit... odd, I guess, for lack of a better word? xD I don't know if they were done this way deliberately or if they were oversights, but I figured I'd make a quick list in case these are things that could potentially be remedied in the future.

To give some background as to what I am personally using the shop for, I run a play-by-post roleplay with in-character items as well as out-of-character collectible dolls, so the shop is definitely getting some use xD
  • If a usergroup can't see a category, when clicking on an item in that category (that someone has in their inventory) they get taken to a "do not have permission" page.
    Was wondering if this was intentional. It sort of interferes when a member is trying to look at what an item does (some items I reserve for myself to give out as prizes and random events, so they can't be bought, hence hidden categories). They can still see the item in a member inventory and can see what it does that way, but it is a bit of a round-about manner.

    Suggestions: Permit members to see the the item page if the category is hidden, just disable the buy button and do not allow them to access the category? Or have clicking on an item in a forbidden category just redirect to the inventory of the member that owns the item in question?
  • If a usergroup can't see a category, they can't send or sell items they own in that category even if the item is marked as sendable or sellable.
    Was also wondering about this xD As mentioned, if admins use a hidden category to send special items for prizes, this kind of makes it tough for members to do anything with said items if they maybe want to trade them to another member for something else -- especially if the item is supposed to be sendable or sellable in the first place.

    Suggestion: Have the sendable / sellable options override any sort of category hidden-ness?
  • Can't buy, send, or sell multiple items at once.
    Not as strange as the other things I noted, but it is something that's a bit clunkier about the shop. If I, as an admin, want to give a set of three items to 10 people, I need to buy 30 items individually, and then send those 30 items one by one, and that takes ages (I've had to do it xD).

    Suggestion: Allow people to bulk buy, sell, and send items?

Obviously, I know the developers here are busy, but figured I'd throw these out there seeing I figured they'd be useful suggestions / observations, and I tried to avoid repeating things that are constantly suggested (like allowing admins to just spawn items in member inventories as opposed to having to buy and send).
#1 that is done on purpose. If the user cannot view the parent category, the user cannot see the items within.
#2 that is also done on purpose.
#3 that was never implemented, it's been suggested but I haven't had much time to improve the shop to be honest with you.

Thanks Smile