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Full Version: Table cellpacing
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Hey all,
I'm trying to edit the layout of my tabs plugins. I want to add the cellpacing between cell only. Check the attached screenshot for better comprehension.

Here the code of the table

<table border="0" cellspacing="30" class="tdborder" style="margin-left:15px;">

I hope someone could help, thanks in advance.
We do not give support for plugins which are not ours, sorry.

PS. This template has nothing to do with the spacing. It's your CSS that matters.
I'm not asking for plugin help, I'm asking for coding help.
cellspacing="30" add pacing on both sides, how to add on one side only?
Ah, cellspacing affects every side. You want to style every cell (if possible using a CSS class) and add either padding or margin, depending on what you want.