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Full Version: [Req] Points Deductions notes
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Hi All,

I really appreciate the effort behind New Points. Its an awesome plugin.

I would like to get this feature if possible :

A special column in user profile which is visible to user mod, admins about the deductions done by the user.

Like if a user wants to redeem his points in exchange of some gifts or something then we add a note to his profile that user has redeemed 'X' points on such and such date for such and such thing.

I don't do free requests right now due to the lack of time, sorry.
I can understand that buddy... I am ready to pay thats not an issue... But as Im setting up my forum so jotting down things which I need...

Do I have to subscribe to your forum or have to pay you individually as per work?

Individually yes
Ok. So what are the benefits of subscribing to your forum except getting paid mods?

P.S : Dont mind just asking
Ok thanks buddy... Will get back to you when I will complete the list of things to be done.