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Full Version: Uninstall + Another question.
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Question 1:

I had uninstalled NewPoints, removed all files from FTP, but when i browse thru admin cp, i get this error:

/wwwroot/inc/languages/english/admin/newpoints.lang.php does not exist

I put again that file, newpoints.lang.php to the /inc/languages/english/admin/. But i see also, after the "Tools & Maintenance" tab, i still have the "NewPoints" tab. Why? I need the newpoints.lang.php file removed completley from my FTP also i want the tab "NewPoints" to dissapear. Like, completle uninstall like never was before Smile

Question 2:

I want this plugin to be named "experience". I had setup the name from "NewPoints" tab to "experience" instead of points, and all works well (in users postbit, etc), but, i want also the newpoints.php file to be renamed as experience.php. Please tell me all the changed needed to be done for this to work.

Thank you.
Remove the admin/modules/newpoints folder too.

For changing newpoints.php to experience.php you will need to change every "newpoints.php" string in all files to "experience.php"
Thank you! First issue is solved. But still, i will like to use this fine plugin.
Can you tell me exactley where should i change the newpoints.php code to experience.php? I mean, only in newpoints.php should i make this change? Or in other files too? If yes, in which files?

Thank you!!
Only specific files should need it but it's better to do the replacement everywhere just in case. Make sure the plugin is not installed first.
I understand. There are any other files to modify, beside the newpoints.php and NewPoints 1.9.8\Upload\inc\plugins\newpoints.php ?
Do the replacements in all files.
Alright! Thank you.
It works fine after the modification from newpoints.php to experience.php. But, i have one error, in header, that shows only is i come on forum as a guest and click on experience.php button. (when i am logged out):

[Image: 2yuna8o.jpg]

Thank you.

Solved! sorry for posting again.