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Full Version: newpoints bank points disappeared
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I just installed the bank plugin yesterday and a few of my members tested putting in points last night and today the points are all gone for everyone that had points in there. Not sure if I didn't install right or something, but has anyone else had this issue? :o
You didn't re-install it did you? Or another admin.
no just me
Well if you re-installed it then you lost all points.
I didn't reinstall it, I only installed it once.
Well, I'm not sure then. Someone did something, everyone's points being reset doesn't happen magically
I don't know. I tried putting more points in last night and they are gone again today and I didn't mess with it, not even the settings.
What did you enter for the interest rate? What bank plugin are you using?
The interest is the default setting. I think it was 3% and this one -
Oh well that's not mine, I can't help you sorry.
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