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Full Version: disable Minimum points to post for replies
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I was wondering if it's possible to disable the "Minimum points to post" setting for replies, while keeping it on for new topics.

I was hoping to setup a Q&A system where it costs a point to ask a question and you earn them for replying. i setup an income rule with -1 points for new threads and +1 for replies, i then created a forum rule with Minimum points to post +1. This has the desired effect of stopping people from having a negative balance, but it seams that it also wont let you post a reply to earn that magical first point.

So i was wondering if there was any way to separate the points requirement for new-topics from replies.

EDIT: removing the following from hooks.php had the desired effect.
Quote: $plugins->add_hook('newreply_start', 'newpoints_blockpost');
$plugins->add_hook('newreply_do_newreply_start', 'newpoints_blockpost');

The only other problem i've got is figuring out a way to stop people earning points from replying to their own threads and/or having points earnt only for the first reply to prevent people from farming them
If you are removing that code then users should earn points by replying by any means, unless I'm confusing what you are requesting.