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Full Version: NewPoints Issue
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I installed newpoints plugin today but does not work properly for me.
when post a thread or post does not increase points but when I remove it , decrease my points. Sad
Also I choose a point for visiting per pages , but it does not increase my points.
Why? How can I fix it? Sad
Did you change the income settings or did you create any forum/group rules?
I change only point for visit per page. other settings are same default Undecided
You didn't create any forum/group rules either? What NP version are you using? Check it from the ACP -> Configuration -> Plugins page
No. I did not create any thing. I tested it in localhost. works properly on localhost. But on my forum I have this problem.
I use latest version. I downloaded it yesterday from MyBB mods site. Undecided
Well my guess then is that you have another plugin conflicting with NewPoints
Edited: I deactivated "While Your were typing" plugin and NewPoints plugin works fine me, now.

But I have another question. how can I add new options? like reputatin , ... ?
Thanks for your attention. Smile
I don't understand your question sorry
Sorry for my bad English.
how can I add sources for earning points? for example increase points when a user get a reputation , ...
Ah you can't
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