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Full Version: Thread author
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I created a forum about books, and there's a place where users can show their novels, poetry etc. Often an author writes a big post, wchich is the first post of a thread (like a beginning of a novel).

My question is:
Is it possible to set, that the thread author won't receive points depending on number of charaters, but only a specified numer in his own thread?
Author would receive a constant ammount of points when creating a thread (in specified category) and would receive no more points in that thread (because he will often post next chapters of his novel). Is this possible to set?

I'm sorry for my english, I wasn't using it for a long time and I forgot a lot.
That is not possible to do.
Ouu. That's not good. I suppouse code edition is the only way to solve this problem.

Thank you for your answer.