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Full Version: Rest timer reset on NP Lottery
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I have Newpoints installed on my forum and also the Newpoints Lottery 1.4 installed.

For some reason, I cannot get the Lottery to reset and it keeps telling the users that it is still "in rest time".

How can I overcome this?

Great plugin btw!!
Try re-installing the Lottery please
So delete all files from the root then re-install?

This plugin used to work ok but I've had a software upgrade since then so maybe this is the cause of the problem?
Re-install means going to ACP -> Plugins -> Uninstall and then Install again.
It worked....thank you Pirate!
Just one more question if I may....

I use NP Lottery on my forum as a way of raffling prizes given by my forum sponsors. The members use their points to buy entries into the Lottery.

I have one member who keeps entering although he has no need of the prize, and when he wins he nominates another member to give the prize too. This is annoying to say the least and after the last time he did it I asked him not to do it again. He has managed to do it again though and short of banning someone who has been a member of my forum for over 5 years there's not much else I can do.

Is there any way of deleting his entry at all??
No, that is not possible.