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Full Version: MyDownloads 3.0 announcement
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It's been some time since the first version of MyDownloads was released and therefore many changes have been made since then.

The code became cumbersome and too confusing because a lot of the existing features were not planned when it was first made. Therefore it is time to re-write most of the plugin to allow easier integration with new features and to get rid of existing bugs.

It will be possible to keep existing data, you don't need to worry about that.

I will need people to test it though. So feel free to post here so I can PM you when it's ready.

PS. I need more people to test MyUpdates so I can be sure that it's working properly.
Once I get back on my main PC, you can count me in.

Send me a PM when you're ready to do the test, I'll give you my report once I'm done testing.
I'll happily test it xD
Alright, I've been doing some progress from day to day. I'll PM you when it's done.
Ready for testing MyDownloads. PM me too please.
Yes, I want to test this out and see how it works, Just hope its as good as I think it will be!
About 50% of the work I had done on 3.0 has been lost...which means I'll have to re-do all that again.
(07-29-2013, 03:09 AM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: [ -> ]About 50% of the work I had done on 3.0 has been lost...which means I'll have to re-do all that again.

Oh my God. What happens Pirata?
I accidentally deleted a folder that had the most recent 3.0 files found that today (the Recycle bin did not contain those files anymore).

So I'm starting everything from scratch instead of re-writing parts of it. Will take some more time for sure but will be a great downloads system. And it will use jQuery because of MyBB 1.8.
;_; i just noticed all about this

How terrible news

Thanks you're keeping on it Nervo, if you need anything, just tell us!
Il be glad to help on the project!
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