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Full Version: Want a little help with the plugin NewPoints
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Hi would like to arrange the plugins NewPoints think is the language

But not where I want ponelo please help me
look at the picture here
[Image: u4j9e.jpg]
Rename your "ROOT/inc/plugins/newpoints/languages/english" directory to "ROOT/inc/plugins/newpoints/languages/espanol".
(04-30-2013, 02:20 PM)Sama34 Wrote: [ -> ]Rename your "ROOT/inc/plugins/newpoints/languages/english" directory to "ROOT/inc/plugins/newpoints/languages/espanol".

Seriously this is somewhat complicated plugins would like some more detailed please
not understanding much
Sorry, I can't simplify it more that than.

Spanish: Debes renombrar el directorio english por espanol por medio de tu FTP.