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Full Version: Help me with the coding?Please..
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Hello pirata and everyone.does anybody know how to put avatar in the shoutbox before the username?

well,i put this $db->fetch_field($db->simple_select('users','avatar'); but it didnt show up.Huh i know it's not a general support but please this time.i really need help
Unfortunately you're not a subscriber, therefore you can't ask for help, unless it's development related (which in this case isn't). not trying to bother u.but can i ask u. is this the correct path to put the query?

$messages .= "<span style=\"font-size: {$mybb->settings['mysb_text_size']}px\">&raquo; <strong><span style=\"color: #FF0000\";>{$lang->mysb_deleted_info}</span></strong> &raquo; {$remove}{$recover}{$report}<a href='#' onClick=\"javascript: ShoutBox.pvtAdd(".$row['uid']."); return false;\" {$extra}>{$username}</a> - {$date_time} -- {$message}</span><br />\r\n";
I'm not really sure what you mean. What query?
i mean query to get the avatar..
I've made myself clear already. Thread closed.