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Full Version: Newpoints and HTML
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first of all, thank you all for your work here and the plugins released; they are immensely helpful and are truly appreciated. c:

I come from a portion of the internet with users who are moving to myBB from various other platforms. We are collaborative writers who write together on forums.

Despite being writers, many of us enjoy graphics and coding, and even those who do not make such themselves are provided with resources to use. Thus I have come upon something which I was wondering if anyone here could help with. Smile

I plan to use the Newpoints plugin, as its ability to calculate points based on the number of characters is splendid and suits what we desire perfectly; it will reward members with points and allow them to write as much or as little as they want per post, without having to worry about posting a thousand posts in order to get more points, or feeling it is a little unfair that they have written so many words in one post but receive only the same amount as someone who wrote a lot less- which would be the case if we used the setting that gave a set amount per post, and not per character.

However, as a large portion of us also use html in our posts (thanks to the lovely html in posts plugin), the html characters are counted. Usually this is absolutely fine, but the html used is not just bold or underline - the amount of code can reach over ten thousand or even much more characters of just code alone.
Thus you can probably see my problem - if code was counted, then the resulting amount of points would be extremely inaccurate. :'c

So I was wondering, is there any way at all to achieve something similar to what the OUGC Post Character Count Enhancement plugin by Sama34 does? I'm not as worried about bbcodes, although that would also be very useful, as I'm more concerned about the html issue. Is there anyway Newpoints can not take coding into account when calculating points?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Shy
That looks like an interesting implementation to NewPoints. Right now it doesn't do that, no.

I'll ask him if I can steal his function to do that and implement it. A new version should be released soon, I've committed some bug fixes to the NewPoints repo on github.
Thank your for your reply. ^^
I can imagine if this was implemented it'd help many such users (most of us have just discovered myBB so many are moving/considering moving over) c: Thanks for the consideration. :>
You're welcome.
Thanks for your input, I appreciate it.
The license allows it IIRC. I would do the commits (I used Patches for my own forum to implement this) but I don't have the time.

An option to choose what to strip would be good, not everyone may want to strip only HTML but MyBB for example.
Yes I plan to add some settings. Not quite sure if patches are required though.
Patches shouldn't be required, I just use them over NewPoints for my forum.
just popping in to ask whether this might still be possible? C:~
I'm not in a rush, but it would make planning and such easier and would be nice to know whether this is still planned on being implemented in the future~ c:
Sorry but no, I have bad barely had any time to work on other more important things Sad
Alright~ No problem~ We appreciate the work you've done C:~