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Full Version: shoutcast plugin
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can you please make a shoutcast plugin
ive seen this one on another site

No, I'm not taking requests as of now.
so i paid for subscriber and not getting anything
ive only asked for help on shoutbox
Ah so your understanding of paying $7/year is that you get any plugin you want?? I'm going to quote you what is said on the Subscriptions page:
Quote:This subscription plan gives you access to:

Access to MyBB 1.6.x paid plugins
Access to MyBB 1.4.x paid plugins
1.6 Plugins Support
General MyBB 1.6 Support
Access to MyUpdates*
Access to Tips & Tricks posted by other subscribers or us.
Can create a thread for their website in the Website Reviews forum.
No advertisements.

Since when does it say that I'll be coding you plugins free of charge?
so you got an attitude aswell
I got the attitude? You ask me for a refund through PM and say that you haven't downloaded any premium plugins when the logs say the opposite so you lied. And then you come here publicly and say that you haven't gotten anything after subscribing. You were expecting me to code you plugins for free?? Right, I got the attitude and you seem to live in a perfect world where people work for you free of charge.