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Full Version: Shop/General Ideas for NewPoints
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I was searching around and looking if some ideas have been suggested already and I couldn't exactly find what I was looking for.

I was wondering for the shop or just new points in general, if it was possible for a user to pay to switch their avatar. I have some friends that rotate between avatars almost everyday and it would be a great thing to have if they had to pay to switch their avatars around.

I saw your username/title plugin and that is also an amazing plugin that I love. I was wondering like I said earlier if the same thing could be implemented for avatars? Thanks again and great work as usual!

EDIT: Oh yeah, I stumbled by this thread as well and I was wondering if this was possible:

Basically the thread was a prank system where you could switch another users avatar or something along those lines. Thanks in advance and I hope to receive an answer!
You cannot purchase avatars, sorry.
Not necessarily purchasing them but more so if they want to switch their avatar, they'll have to pay.

Doesn't work though? Shucks.

I was just thinking it might work because you could do the whole username change so I thought the same thing could be done if they wanted to update a new URL for their avatar. Thanks for everything though!
It can be done yes but right now there is nothing that allows it.
Do you have any plans to implement this in any way with New Points?
Not right now sorry.