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Full Version: How to edit points page?
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[Image: this_zpsfcf19894.png]

I have searched and all and looked at the lang file and cant find where to edit the categories
Take a look at the FAQ under "Tips & Tricks" Smile
Oh dammit lol duh....where the heck is that?
What do you mean? There's a forum called "Tips & Tricks"
is there? ok ill check it out thanks

OK so I removed these two lines in (plugin.php) and they still appear in newpoints.php

[Image: delete_zps15fcb8e1.png]

those are the two lines im trying to remove from the newpoints page

newpoints_add_setting('newpoints_income_perchar', 'income', 'Per Character', 'Amount of points received per character (in new thread and new post).', 'text', '0.01', 4);

newpoints_add_setting('newpoints_income_minchar', 'income', 'Minimum Characters', 'Minimum characters required in order to receive the amount of points per character.', 'text', '15', 5);
You can't just delete lines because they're retrieved from the settings table.
So I could do it in phpmyadmin then ? I dont understand I have seen others remove lines from that page u cant tell me where?
Yes you will need to remove the setting from the settings table (with PHPMyAdmin for example).
ok just as I thought. thanks


yep that was it