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Full Version: messages error on statistics page
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got error on stats page any idea..?

opps sorry fixed it already i just replaced around line 181 on newpoints.php
$donation['amount'] = newpoints_format_points($data[2]);

$donation['amount'] = newpoints_format_points($data[4]);

I was going to fix this now but just noticed this is incorrect. $data[4] does not exist, it has only 3 elements and the last element is the amount, therefore it's $data[2]
Probably the best solution could just be to cast the variable in newpoints_format_points before passing it to format_number, otherwise this will continue appearing around.
The solution to another similar problem has been provided some time ago somewhere here in one of my posts and has been applied in the NewPoints repository already but this one here shouldn't be fixed by the fix provided by the OP.