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Full Version: [Request] Pay per new thread on specific forums
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Dear pivera,

Can i request plugin for new points. I want my member must pay point if they make thread on specific forum. Example: if someone want to make thread about promote their site on forum showcase, they must to pay some cost from newpoints. And it's can be setting per usergroup. So for premium member, not need to pay anything. But all of member not need to pay for reply, it's mean just new threads only. Can be possible to make this plugin? Thank you...
any answer?????
I'm also looking for this. Thank you
You can just use Custom Group perms for this.
(12-14-2013, 05:47 PM)iRocker Wrote: [ -> ]You can just use Custom Group perms for this.

How can i do that? im looking for the same option, i need the users pay for post a thread in some fórums...