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Full Version: [Request] Auto-Pay Plugin
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Pertaining to the new points system, is there a plugin that you can use to automatically add said number of points to the user, at certain time intervals?

So for example, there is the user, "Johnny". I want to give Johnny 500 forum points every month, automatically.

Could this be developed?
It already is.

Simply make a new group for Johnny. Then, go to NewPoints panel in your admin center. Then, on the left hand side click "Group Roles". Click "Add new" and enter in the details needed for your said group. Since it only does time in seconds, then you would put 2592000 seconds (30 days) if you wanted them paid every month. Just google "how many seconds in X days" if you need a different amount.

Hope that helps.
This was individually though, not per group. I ended up making a custom plugin.
any chance of the custom plugin being released in a upcoming version?
No, they're exclusive.
any chance of something similar then?