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Full Version: Trying to edit templates
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Hi C:

I'm just trying to remove the "<br>" before the postbit section for the newpoints, but when I altered the php file to be what I want, it doesn't alter what I see on the site. Am I doing this wrong then? How do I do it correctly?
What you see in the PHP file is what gets inserted into the templates db table on installation/activation. So, yeah you need to alter the ones in the database by going to ACP -> Templates -> Global Templates -> pick up the template and edit it
which one though? I've looked in places like postbit and what not, but none of those allow me to actually edit it. It just gives me "{$post['newpoints_postbit']}" and that's it. The <br> is in-bedded in it and I don't know where to find it to change it.

just realized i was in default templates. Nevermind! And thank you for the quick and helpful reply c: