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Full Version: Receive 2 free credits this weekend only
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You can redeem 2 credits for free, this weekend only.
To do so, go here and enter the following coupon code: MYBB_PLUGINS_PROMO

Important note: the credits will be removed from your account next Monday unless they're spent on subscriptions. Technically, this means that you can have a $2 discount over any subscription plan during this weekend.
I've redeemed my credits even though I know I wont use them up Tongue
Helps me testing it out anyway Tongue
Where can I see my two credits?
Nice Black Friday Deal :p. Thanks.
(11-25-2012, 08:57 AM)Sama34 Wrote: [ -> ]Where can I see my two credits?

There was a bug that was not updating the credits count but should now be fixed.

Now I need something on what to spend it, I'm a lifetime subscriber already Tongue

Nice and luck for those who make real use of this.