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Full Version: Problem.
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Hey, it's me again, I have another little problem with Newpoints.

I have done what it had asked me to, upload the content in the Upload folder to the root menu, but when ever I go to my AdminCP>Configuration>Plugins, I get this error message.


Any idea as to what causes this? Also, here's a screenshot of what happens when I go to NewPoints>Settings

Did you get any errors when you installed NewPoints?
Not really, no. I even went over it and did it over again a few times, just to make sure I didn't forget anything. The same thing happens every time.
Which NewPoints version do you have?
NewPoints 1.9.6
Ok my question is, since you said you had no problems installing it, how did you manage to install it at all if you're getting that error page when you go to the Plugins page?

Anyway what caching system are you using? Database?