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Olá Pirata! Smile

I'm trying to get your subscription, but it says I haven't got enough points. I desperately need the MyAchievements plugin, is there some way to make this easier?

Never mind, I managed to subscribe, thank you!
(11-13-2012, 11:53 PM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: [ -> ]2) PayPal Subscriptions
In case you prefer automated PayPal subscriptions, you can also subscribe using that method.

Subscription Plans:
1) Premium Subscriber ($7 / year)
  • Access to MyBB 1.6.x paid plugins
  • Access to MyBB 1.4.x paid plugins
  • 1.6 Plugins Support
  • General MyBB 1.6 Support
  • Access to MyUpdates
  • Access to Tips & Tricks posted by other subscribers or us.
  • Can create a thread for their website in the Website Reviews forum.
  • No Advertisements

Before subscribing, we advise you to read our TOS.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

How are cancelations handled? I couldn't find any infos about it. Cancelling subscriptions is possible at any time?
You can cancel the subscription right after you subscribe if you want. It will be terminated 1 year later.
oh no paypal have suspended him x)

Every time someone tries to download a file it takes them to myforum/mydownloads.php and nothing downloads. It just displays all my categories. How do I fix this?
Please use the appropriate thread for support.

Thank you.
I cant purchase premium. Everytime I click on it I get sent to paypal login but that just logs me into my account.

Is there an issue with your Paypal?

I really want to purchase an account so I can access mySubscriptions
There may be a temporary issue with PayPal, I receive subscriptions everyday without any problems.
Ive tried a few times, the payza link works. I made a paypal payment via the button to another account on another site and this worked fine.

What if I transfer the $7 direct through paypal?
To use the PayPal subscriptions feature you need a credit card assigned to your PayPal account. You can use the alternative method of using credits Smile
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