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Full Version: PayPal Subscriptions vs Points Subscriptions
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As you know we currently have two ways of becoming a subscriber: either through PayPal Subscriptions or by purchasing points with PayPal, Payza or Text2Pay and after that subscribing using those points.

I've just finished improving the points subscriptions system to allow auto renewal as well as the ability to view your subscriptions on this website.

However, that requires two steps instead of one (for PayPal Subscriptions) and I was wondering if people prefer using PayPal subscriptions or the alternative method. Personally I'd prefer to have the latter ONLY to keep things more organized but I can see some users not agreeing with me.

I'd like to hear your input.
Personally, I don't really think it matters. Although, I agree that the ability to have that extra bit of organization probably gives the Credits method a bit of a hand up.
Thanks for your opinion!
So with both you end subscribing? Then I see no difference really (except that with the credits system you can use other systems that just PayPal, which is a plus).
Personally I prefer PayPal subscription, because its familiar and straight to the point while with credits you have to purchase the item you want after you've charged your account with them - an extra step is needed and I'm a lazy person Tongue
@Sama34 exactly!
@Andraž Rihtar that's the problem I guess. But I think I'll still remove it officially and just keep it for those with auto-renewal.
I do like purchasing points and using them to buy the subscription. I don't have my CC linked to PP for reasons, and I would like to checkout as guest only, which subscriptions doesn't allow. So a one off payment is nice.