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Full Version: Newpoints bank messed something up.
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Fatal error: Call to a member function read() on a non-object in /home/eden/public_html/inc/plugins/newpoints/newpoints_bank.php on line 849

is what i see after download the banks program, it wont let me access a forum! What to do!?
What bank plugin are you using?
bank v2.1
Please help!
i got another error from newpoints itself
Fatal error: Call to undefined function newpoints_bank_is_installed() in /home/eden/public_html/newpoints.php on line 233
Please help! D:
That's not officially supported by us, you need to post in the release thread of that plugin.
is there a banking system supported by you? I would perfer that better.
Yes its in the plugins subforum.
I also face this problem, i really like this plugin, did you manage to solve and have a solution to it?