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Full Version: Searching specific forums and language variables in the footer
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I have added a search form on my new theme for my new site. How would I be able to get the search form to work while only searching a specific set of forums? For example, I have Cat1 with sub forums Sub1, Sub2, and Sub3 and I also have Cat2 with sub forums Sub4, Sub5, and Sub6. How can I get my search form to only search forums Sub1, Sub2, and Sub3?

Also, I can't seem to use language variables in the footer of my forum. I have the specific part of my footer that I'm trying to use them in like this:
<h2>Board Statistics</h2>
<p>The current stats for our forum are:</p><br />
<p><strong>Posts:</strong> {$lang->stats_posts_threads}</p>
<p><strong>Members:</strong> {$lang->stats_numusers}</p>
<p><strong>Newest Member:</strong>{$lang->stats_newestuser}</p>
<p><strong>Most Online:</strong> {$lang->stats_mostonline}</p>

However it just outputs it as this:
and so on...

Any idea why this could be happening?

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