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Full Version: Sync NewPoints across multiple MyBB installations
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Is there a way to do this? Mainly, I want to be able to pull all the points acquired in one MyBB installation to another MyBB installation. I don't want like anything fancy going on with it automatically syncing or anything, a task to do it would be fine.

Here is an example:

Sally earns two hundred points at board A during the week. A task runs on Sunday which transfers her points from board A to board B (therein reseting her points to 0 at board A).

Is this possible? I would be willing to pay for this as a plug-in or whatever (within a reasonable price, but we can talk about that privately).
The only way to do it is via another plugin.
Actually, I might have stumbled across a different solution that would solved the problem without creating some kind of wacky NewPoints solution. If the person I originally contact is unwilling/unable, would you be able to create a plug-in for me (via commission)?
Yes I would. Post in the Custom Work forum a full description of what you want and how you want things done and I'll give you a quote.