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Full Version: Fatal error...?
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I seem to be having trouble installing New Points. This is my first time ever with myBB and FTP usage, but I consider myself a speedy learner. Any help would greatly be appreciated. I've unzipped the contents of the "Upload" folder into the inc/plugins in the FTP and it comes up with this error every time:

[Image: newpointserror.png]
Hello, and welcome to MyBB-Plugins forums

The error you have is beacuse you haven't extract the files correctly, the content of the zip must be extracted in your forum root folder

[Image: W5Ud]
Where can I find the forum root folder? I apologize, I'm still very new to all this!

Oops, figured it out! Sorry for taking your time - I feel awfully silly now~
No problem dude, you're welcome

The problem has been solved, if you need help again, please make a new thread

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