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Full Version: NewPoints Bug?
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I use MyBB V1.6.7 and in the Admin System my Plugin is complety Bugged I dont know why.

When I deinstall the Plugin via Admin System It is listened in the Admin Panel. But It doesnt work in the Forum itself anymore.

So I tried to search all things from NewPoints deleted them and put the Plugin from a fresh Download in the Board Folder.

But without the Installation the Plugin is shown in Admin Panel, the only change is that after I installed it it works in the Forum.

Please help heres a Screenshot:
How you see theres no Text and the Plugin is Deinstalled in the Plugins Menu.
Upload the language files to your language folder.
Thank you, I found the solution.
I used German Language Files and the standart position was in the english folder.

So I took the Orignal files and jsut put them in German folder. So simple and dumb from me :p

Thank you!