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Full Version: Points not credited for new registrations by Facebook Plugin
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I have installed FB Connect plugin on my forum through which users can register directly by signing through their facebook account. But such users do not get points on new registration (under income settings of newpoints plugin). How to correct this?
Ask the developer of that plugin to integrate with NewPoints. There's nothing I can do.
It is Nayar's FBconnect plugin :
And he is not available for support on the forums.
Any temporary solution to work out this problem??
No, it's up to him to integrate his plugin with NewPoints. There isn't much I can do.
Wat will be the SQL query if I wish to add 10 points to a certain uid (user)?
Isn't it easier to edit the user's points from the ACP?
(08-11-2012, 09:51 PM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: [ -> ]Isn't it easier to edit the user's points from the ACP?

It won't be easier though, because only one user can be edited at a time in Admin CP. However, in case of a SQL query, I would be able to copy paste command - say 100 times, edit uid in each query, and can run them at the same time in phpmyadmin.
UPDATE `prefix_users` SET `newpoints` = `newpoints` + 100 WHERE `uid` IN (4,7,9)

That should increase by 100 points the amount of points users 4, 7, 9 have.
Thanks a lot Pirata Smile