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Full Version: MySQL error?
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Quote:MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:
1054 - Unknown column 'newpoints' in 'field list'
UPDATE `mybb_users` SET `newpoints` = `newpoints`+0 WHERE `uid`='1'
Please contact the MyBB Group for support.
Why is this coming up? I go onto the shop, and its all fine - BUT, it's just at the bottom of the whole site? Thanks c:

EDIT: In-fact whenever I post it comes up with errors but will still post. I also cannot earn any money or buy a $1 item :/
You didn't install correctly.
I didn't install The Plaza Turbo; I have done now and when I did and went and looked at the plugins to activate it; this came up;

Fatal error: Call to a member function read() on a non-object in /home/sitenamehere/public_html/inc/myplaza/myplaza_admin_plugin.php on line 69
Hmm MyPlaza Turbo development has been ceased for a long time now. Not sure why you installed it.
It works, thanks so much - but how can I display how many points someone has? As at the moment it doesn't show how many points you have?
They should be displayed on profile and postbit. If not, you need to re-construct the templates from the NewPoints maintenance page.
i re-coded my postbit and profile. So i was wondering what the codes were?
Re-construct the templates as I told you in my other post.