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Full Version: newpoints.php not found?
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I recently activated the Newpoints plugin.

When I go to a user's profile ( I see the amount of gold they have, and when I click on the amount it leads me to newpoints.php, which could not be found. Where should I place the newpoints.php, then? I have one in the includes and one in the new points folder like the plugin instructions said.

Also it does not pay attention to the income requirements, such as minimum characters until they can receive a point. I'm suspecting this is because of the above problem.
Upload the newpoints.php file.
Thanks, I uploaded it in a different place than I thought!

Now is there any possible way to make a minimum amount of words required in a new thread or new reply before earning these points? Or is it possible to disable newpoints in certain forums?
What that setting does is not give points per character unless that minimum is met.
But I do not want a points per character, I just want 1 point per post (200+ words). The points per character setting would give 1 point per each character they write, which is not what I want.

Also, I am using new points 1.0, should I upgrade to a newer version? I don't want any of the new features, so is new points 1.0 ok for me to have or is it buggy?
It is not possible to do what you want. And yes, you should be using the latest version obviously..