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Full Version: MyBB Raffle
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I really hope if MyBB does have a raffle plugin that able to make events such as give aways and contests.

Able to prize image, set raffle rules

something like vBulletin raffle plugin?

It would hope that mybb-plugins could make it..

:3 you can do it manually via
Well, its an ease to the members and the administrator as well. And if administrator sets 50 posts as an requirement and there're 300 members participating, the administrator can't be checking on 300 members posts count. But just an plugin to implement this such idea to boost an website with an contest and a great SEO method too!
How about allowing only VIP users to participate?
Use automatic user group upgrade to check that :3
Nevermind, I will pay someone to make this plugin.
do this will be the best