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Full Version: no points for quotes
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is there any plugin that makes the system to not give points for the characters inside a quote? if there is no such plugin do you have any ideas on how I could do this? Angel
It's impossible to do such thing and not being exploited in my opinion.
exploited in what way?
In a way that users would still be able to get points for it.
(07-04-2012, 07:13 PM)Vladorz Wrote: [ -> ]exploited in what way?

They could hide quotes in other tags like code tags of just use ""

Or there are the people who write their reply in the quote tags which isn't fair to them
Well, since only the [quote] tag is a "official" mybb quote thing, may be just not counting the characters inside any quote tag could be the easy way.

IMO, users shouldn't be awarded by quoting stuff from other sites (the only real case where a mistake could occur not involving users writing their replies inside the quote tag).
It can be easily exploited. If I start omitting the last ] then the characters will still count and even though the quote won't be formatted properly, people will still understand it is a quote and it was a mistake that the user didn't include the last ]

It's not worth the hassle of coding it.
What about stripping all mycode for counting?
Wouldn't still catch what I mentioned above. Plus if someone changes the text size to something else, it will strip everything.
No, I mean the bbcode it self or html tags.

strip_tags and/or [b*] and [/b] but not what is inside them.
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