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Full Version: Captcha isn´t working with NewPoints
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Hello guys,

I use Newpoints 1.9.4 (great plugin btw!).
But when Newpoints is active, the mybb default captcha isn´t showing at the registration.
It show´s only the text "Image Verification" instead of the captcha.

If I rename the inc/plugins/newpoints.php to "newpointssss.php"(for deactivating!) the captcha will work.

So, whats the problem?
I´ve added my newpoints.php as attachment.

And, how can I completely deinstall NewPoints?
If I remove NewPoints trough the plugin manager (The selected plugin has been uninstalled successfully.), the tab menu "NewPoints" (beside Tools and Maintenance) is still active in ACP with several MySQL problems.
How can I remove this tab?
I want to install NewPoints completely fresh.

Btw. I cant give you a link to my forum, because its installed @localhost Wink

Thank you in advance.

Solved the first problem with reuploading a fresh installation of NewPoints.
To completely uninstall simply delete the admin/modules/newpoints folder and optionally the rest of the NewPoints files and folders