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Full Version: Show posts that were warned
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Hey can you please make a plugin that shows posts that have been already warned because me and the staff members double warn some posts.

People are not warned for posts, thus that is not possible.
Yes they are on my forum I can warn people
Do you see the warn button? It would be great if you can change it to red or blue if that post has already been warned so me and my moderator don't warn the same thing twice.
I think I didn't explain myself correctly. What I meant is that in the posts table there's no flag/field which says "a user has been given a warning for this post" or "no warning for this post". Thus it would require another query to the warnings table. The problem is that we'd need to find out which posts are going to be loaded so we can grab the warnings in case they exist. In reality, that's way too complicated.
I did coded it just in case anyone wants to download: