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Full Version: Forums Arranged In Columns
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First... Can you delete My Old Post Thanks, And Basically i found out there was a plugin called "Forums Arranged In Columns" But now its like it doesn't exist. Can you help. With a plugin or a code ? Thanks
Not quite sure what you mean to be honest.
(06-14-2012, 04:26 AM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: [ -> ]Not quite sure what you mean to be honest.

You know the subforums in columns plugin ?

I want something like that but i do not want to use sub forums. I want to use just categories and forums. Get what I mean ?

Lets use the picture as an example. You see where it say "Mi Categoria" I want all the forums in that category to be arranged in columns. Like the subforums are shown.
Sort of, but i still want it in the subforumsincolumns layout. In a list Your way is cool but its too big.
haha I'm back. I think i can explain it easier for you. The above shown way is not what i want. I want something to change the design of the Categories and Forums. I want the forums to be in a columns. I don't want to confuse you but just like subforumsincolumns. But except subforums. I want the forums itself in columns. Sort of like the above way but in the subforumsincolumns layout.
To me that looks like a theme modification, not a plugin.
Oh... Can I Request that? Or no ?
I rarely do requests these days and when I do it's something a lot of people want. I'm not going to start doing things one or two people want. I do that when they pay me only, there's no point in spending my free time.
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