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Full Version: Multiple Custom Achievements for Ranks
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This might seem like a difficult request and I understand that. But I think it has some importance, because if you think about it, custom achievements are useless for ranks as they are. They have no more importance than items from the item shop.

Think about it. Most admins will want different custom achievements for different purposes. For instance, in my case, there is a custom achievement for completing a certain game in the games arcade, which I judge by looking at the members' scores. I also have custom achievements for purchased items from the item shop.

Custom achievements as they stand are only useful for a single variable. Like if I wanted the number of shop items, or the number of games completed, etc. etc. For multiple variables like achievements for shop items and games played/completed, what happens if I want to take into account the achievements they have for both of these factors? It is impossible, because only one custom achievement can be chosen. I hope you can see my point.

For my suggestion, what I would suggest is something like this for the interface:

So then admins could choose multiple custom achievements by holding down the control key. I'd also suggest listing custom achievements in this box alphabetically.

Thanks. I hope you see the point in my suggestion since I don't think custom achievements are very useful presently. But with this change they would become much more useful.
I understand what you mean. Yes it's rather complex and would probably require a re-write of most of the system or dirty workarounds.