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Full Version: Plugin for Abusers
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Something like if their post is very short instead of earning they will not earn points or worst they will be deducted by points.
Already possible, at least for minimum characters.
ahhh I see.. can you answer my question sir? this things really bother the hell out of me.

If I use the "Per Character" do I need to change the "New Post" and "New Thread" to 0 (zero)?

If I use the "Per Character" is space counted or not?

If I use the "Per Character" with 1.00 points and the "Minimum Characters" is 70. Now a member post a message with lets say 100 character how much points will he earn?

Hoping for your kind and consideration. Im not really familiar with newpoints system. thank you so much.
I think the minimum characters settings only works for the *Points By Character* so sorry if I misunderstood your problem.