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Full Version: Is this what I need?
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Im looking for something like this...I've already made myself premium member here and downloaded and installed my achievements and newpoints but what I want is a system where if they donate 5 dollars they get a gold bar award...and if they donate 10 they get two gold bars and so on...are these the right two plugins to use? and if so, how to implement that? please help brothers...thank you...
Nope, none of those do that and I don't have any that do it.
wow that sucks you know anywhere where i can get that...the my achievements is awesome and i don't mind paying the $7 for it but if you could atleast point me in a direction of doing that? maybe i could make them subscribe for life and give them that award? or could you guys make a custom one for me and i'll pay you again? let me know please...thanks..
You can give custom awards created by yourself and award them to those who subscribe. But that's manual, not automatic.
sounds good brother...thanks...