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Full Version: Show items in profile
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Is it possible to show the bought items directly in the members profile? Yes, there's a link "View all items" and it brings you to a shop page. But that is not what we want. Our team wants to show the icons (of the items) and the descriptions in the profile. Without the link to the shop page. Just a little field where you can see those things.
I already tried to copy stuff from one template to the one of the profile, but in my version/test it didn't work :/

Any ideas or something?
Showing the description is not recommended since (if IIRC) it is not sanitized for the profile thus it would open a vulnerability in your forum.
If you really have got no programming background in PHP, don't venture yourself unless you decide to take risks.
That is... well, I guessed the answer would be like that und my php-skills are... I bought a book about it, yeah, that's it. So, then we got to figure out something else. But thank you for the answer!