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Full Version: Shop link not working?
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Hi there. I can't get the shop to show on my site. Like all of the plugin stuff is there and uploaded, and I can add items, but when I try to actually view the shop it wont allow me. <--- This is my site.
I am not registered. What does happen though?
Oh, darn. Um, basically whenever I click the link. <--- It just goes to the main page, and not to the shop.
You must have some kind of plugin doing that.
I haven't really added any new plugins or anything, I even tried uninstalling it and installing everything again on my server.
So you're telling me you have a fresh MyBB installation with just NewPoints and Shop installed?
No, but I haven't added any plugins that were different from my last installation of MyBB. We moved servers and yeah.
Unfortunately I have to tell you that something is wrong, but not with my plugin. You probably entered something in the .htaccess file that you didn't want to.
Hm, I will try again. I was also just told that the point system isn't working either. I'll have to try reinstalling all of it again.