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Full Version: Can I give items manually to a user?
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I really like the Newpoints Shop plugin.

I know you're going to hate me for asking, butttt.... can I manually give items to a user? How would I go about doing this?

I have special contest awards I want to put into their inventories that can't be purchased.
Either use the available Quick Edit plugin or edit a user from ACP -> NewPoints -> Maintenance
This is my ACP -> NewPoints -> Maintenance . It looks like it only edits points.

[Image: snapshotkj.png]

Here's the Quick Edit Plugin. The mod description doesn't mention adding items. (It does add/remove points and remove items, but not add items?)

[Image: 24202759.png]

But after looking around at your mod I figured out that if I enable the item to be purchased, quickly purchase it, and then send it to a user, this works.

Also, I figured out that I can accomplish trading by using the Donate button to send money to a user and the Inventory-> Send button to send an item to the purchaser.

Thank you for your mod, it's SO awesome!
Ah sorry I misunderstood. No it's not possible to give items to users - unless you send them of course Smile
You can make things hidden though can't you?
So basically you could be the only one to buy it. I guess..?
Hmm I'm confused. Hidden means it is not displayed and cannot be bought.